Table structure corrupt after datamigration

Hi, I have a paculier problem. When i do datamigration for T15 G/L account or T27 Item on NA3.60 on SQL, all looks fine. But when i test the database its give’s me a message saying the corresponing table is corrupt just after the datamigration for corresponding table. I used simple dataport, which when tried over Native database works fine and i don’t have a corruption table stucture… Have anybody faced this problem.If so do help me out… cheers, Hem

Chandar, What are you trying to do exactly? why did you import data’s on T27 and T15? Was the destination table empty before you import data’s and were the ‘original’ table exactly the same as the destination one (fields + code)? Stupid question: did you check that all fields were imported in the right place? Best Regards,

Are you importing directly into SQL? without going through Navision and validating the fields? If you are there are usually two reasons the table is corrupt: 1. You have entered a lower case character in a code field, this is not allowed. 2. You have entered a blank date in a date field. Remember that SQL can assign a blank date, navision needs it converted to 0D. Also be sure that it is a date with no time stamp.

Hi Byrne, I did import data through Navision SQL Client in NA3.60 running on SQL. All the fields were validated, with respect to usage. And for me when i check the imported table data, i all looks fine. Any other clues or hints… cheers, Hem