Table relationships and training guides

We currently are using Navision 4 SP3, however we are not allowed access to customersource by our NAV partner. We are after some basic training manuals and table relationship guides and we were pointed to partnersource as having some by researching online.

Can anyone confirm this is the case or point me in the right direction?

You can acess CustomerSource if you have active Maintenance plan - and your Partner has nothing to do with allowing/not allowing you access. In CustomerSource you can download training course materials in contrary to PartnerSource, from there only Training Partners can download these materials, and you as customer don’t have access to PartnerSource at all.

That’s really the worst I have heard so far! If I was you then I would simply contact Microsoft in your country, and if that doesn’t help write me, then I’ll see what I can do to help you.

What Modris is trying to say I think, is that CustomerSource access is included in every maintenance plan. If you are paying for the Microsoft maintenance plan (which might be different from what your NAV partner is charging you for support), then you should automatically have access to PartnerSource. Your NAV partner has no control over whether you are allowed access or not. I don’t want to get into saying bad things about your partner, because I don’t know the circumstances. You are saying you are “not allowed”, but it might be that you only think that you should have access.

Get in touch with your partner and get an explanation of why you don’t have access to partnersource.

Thank you both for your replys. Our partner has told us that customer source is to dangerous as it offers downloads that could damage the system and so they do not give access.

However after your comments I have gained access to customersource.

My main problem is that we are being told that no documentation or taining manuals exists. We are attempting to locate training material and table relationships to aid with. 1. The creation of user guides for basic functions. 2. A table relationship guide to help with constructing Managament Information Reports.

We have had Navision Report wrting training and Jet Training, but no table relationship guide or information was given to help us write our own reports. We are left to ourselfs to decide which table and fields is used in our reports. Or we are left with asking them directly at cost to write the report for us.

Do any Manuals exist and relational guides for reporting?

The product is tailored for our industry so there are extra modules, however the core Financials is still the same which is why I am thinking something must be available some where for the Core Navision product?

The bad news for you is that there really doesn’t exist ANY document describing table relationship - a starting programmer must go through all development training to understand how NAV is built, and it’s a hard task…

The good news - you can get training materials under Training & Certification / Download training materials (

This is true, if you have ACTIVE Serviceplan - otherwise (if Service plan has terminated) you still have access to CustomerSource, but NOT to downloading. Your Partner was right that they don’t have access to these downloads - only Training Partners (and Customers) do, but such are far less than “normal” Partners.

The application designer’s guide is available on the product CD. The guide will teach you what you need.

There are other training manuals on Customersource, but the application designer’s guide on the CD is where I would start first.

Well that is how it works. Creating the object itself is just one small step in the process to create a working report. First you have to determine the requirement and come up with a design. Figuring out which tables are involved is one of the things you define during this phase. You take the training to learn how to create reports, how to add access to tables, how to put things on the report design, how to manipulate the layout. Then, it is up to you to decide what actually goes on the report. There is no comprehensive guide that explains all table relationships, but your training should have given you enough information to be able to figure that part out.

Meanwhile in the thread

Erik has posted an answer with attached Navision_Architecture.pdf - there in page 6-4 (or nearby) is a schema of generic one Application Area Tables, Forms etc as an Entity-Relationship diagram. I had lost this rather old document in the maelstrom of history, but Erik still had it - check it out, it contains more useful info…

Yeah I always save even old documents if I think that they might be useful later. And as long as Microsoft has not published a new NAV Architecture Document, then this is the best that exists.

I’m going to post it to the document download area also.