Table Relations and Updating


I’m very new to developing in AX and I have been asked by a friend to look into developing an import/export routine that we can use to migtrate customer data from old systems into AX. My question is, how does AX deal with its table relations.

If I were to upload a file into the CustTable for instance, would the system automatically cascade all the relevant data to the tables that link to it or will I have to write a method to populate the relevant fields in each of the linked tables?

As I say, I am very new to AX and have not yet got fully to grips with the ins and outs of the system, so chance are I am overlooking a lot of stuff in thsi question.

Your help is most welcome.

You would need to know which tables were relevant and populate them. Some are mandatory to be able to “see” the customer data, others maybe required by the customer depending upon the requirements. There is no cascading, any field referencing another table you should validate.

There is a schema of AX 4.0 in the downloads if it helps.


Thought that may be the case. Thank you for the reply! [:D]