table relation!

Hello guys!

I have a question about table realtions.I created a table called mytable for example.

and also mytable form. I want to show accountNum field on my form so I went to edt module and I add reference to accountNum field.I add the table reference of custTable to accoutNum and then I add it on mytable and my form.

and also I create a realiion on mytable to custTable by AccountNum.

But I think I made wrong.If someone ask me to add the accountNum field to my new form what should I do?

and also after adding theaccountNum its seems like retrieved on form.

Could you guys help me?

What does that mean?

Have a look at salesTable.CustAccount and the related relation OrderCustomer in that table.

I add table reference on accountNum edt.I put the custTable reference on account edt and then I added on my table.also I created realation between mytable and custTable.custTable.accountNum==Mytable.accountNum like this.

Changing AccountNum type was a mistake. Remove the change and use the right type for you field: CustAccount. It already has a relation to CustTable.
If you want to add a new field to your table, drag the CustAccount EDT to ther Fields node of your table.

ohh so I dont have to create realtion either…just dragging the custaccount to my newtable is enough right?If I want to add a display field from custtable what should I do?If I remove the relation between my table and custTable How I am suppose to show this displat field on my new form?

What do you mean by display field?

they want me to add the display method for customerName field from custTable on my form.So I create a display method for custAccountName on custTable but How I supposed to add in my form.Should I suposed to add the custTable to my form’s datasource to show the display method?

You don’t have to add custTable to your form. Add a display method on your table and add the same to your form.
For reference see, \Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesTable\Methods\customerName

thanks a lot again:help me me verry welll.I was always confusing about the datasource’s of forms.