Table Relation not working

Hi All,

I have created a new table(2009R2) Credit History. In this I will store data like, for which Customer, on what Date Credit Limit has changed from limit & to limit.

Table structure as below:

Enabled Field No. Field Name Data Type Length Description

Yes 1 Customer No. Code 20

Yes 2 Credit Limit Changed From Decimal

Yes 3 Credit Limit Changed To Decimal

Yes 4 Changed Date Date

Yes 5 Remark Text 50

Yes 6 Field Type Option

Primary Key : Customer No.,Credit Limit Changed From,Credit Limit Changed To

Now what my requirement is on customer card when I lookup Credit Limit History field(customize field), I should able to see only that customer related data. For that to field Credit Limit History in Customer table I have given table relation :

“Credit History”.“Customer No.” WHERE (Customer No.=FIELD(No.),Field Type=FILTER(Cr. Limit))

Its not working, when I lookup its showing data for all customers.

Why it is so?

Check whether you have any code under Credit Limit History field’s On-Lookup trigger in table/page .

I created your scenario and working fine for me…

As Mohana says then there is nothing wrong with your setup as you describes it. The only other thing I can think of, is if the form/page you’re opening somehow cancels the filter you’re setting. E.g. if there’s a filter set in the SourceTableView property which overrides the filter you specify when looking it up. Or did you find a different reason in the mean time?