Table ranges

How can you determine the table ranges that are in use. For example when looking at the object designer there are hidden tables, I figured this out by accident when i used a customer table in the 50000 range that was already in use. I guess this would apply to any object inside NAV.

You cant hide tables in 50000 range…

what exactly is your question?

Following is list of Hidden/System Tables in Navision

2000000001 Object
2000000007 Date
2000000009 Session
2000000010 Database File
2000000020 Drive
2000000022 File
2000000024 Monitor
2000000026 Integer
2000000028 Table Information
2000000029 System Object
2000000037 Performance
2000000038 AIIObj
2000000039 Printer
2000000040 License Information
2000000041 Field
2000000042 OLE Control
2000000043 License Permission
2000000044 Permission Range
2000000045 Windows Language
2000000046 Automation Servers
2000000047 Server
2000000048 Database
2000000049 Code Coverage
2000000050 Windows Object
2000000052 Windows Group Member
2000000053 Windows Access Control
2000000055 SID - Account ID
2000000056 User SID
2000000058 AllObjWithCaption
2000000059 Breakpoints
2000000063 Key
2000000070 Error List

That 50702 table from my other thread was over written by… me… I had selected that table to use for a report that needed a temp table, Looking in the object designer that table is not in use, but obviously that table is in use because it broke role based permissions.

From backup you can restore the original table.

What do you mean by Overwritten?

Did you save another table with same ID?