Table permission error

Hi All,

I have created one SSRS report. In my side, it is working fine, but one user getting the below error message.

The user ‘[Username]’ is not authorized to select or save in table ‘[Table name]’. Demand refused. Impossible to select or save in table ‘[Table name]’. Access refused.

Can you please help me how to solve this issue?



Did you check the AOS Authorization property on the table you are trying to access?

And also check the Privileages and roles required to access the table. For more info on this check these sites

Hi Anand, Thanks for your reply. That table AOSAuthorization property value is None in the development environment. I didn’t change this property. Thanks, Hari

In that case try changing the “maxaccessmode” property on the table to delete.

Sorry, i can’t find this maxaccessmode table property. FYI: I am using AX 2012 R2.

DictTable dt;

dt = new DictTable(tablenum(yourtable));
if (dt)
print strfmt(“Maximum Access Mode: %1”,dt.maxAccessMode());
Try to retirieve the maxaccessmode through the above code snippet.

I am getting this message “Maximum Access Mode: Delete”

You must have created a Privilege for this report. So add the required table in Tables node under Permissions in the privilege.