Table name followed by 'Tracking Line'

Can anyone share with me what does table names’ followed by ‘Tracking Line’ such as ‘Sales Invoice Tracking Line’ no. 6523 in Attain 3.01B do? I can’t see any data in it and how can I simulate to obtain data? Are tables with ‘Tracking Line’ ie series 65** still under development? Can anyone tell me how I can refer to an Invoice from Credit Memo in tables? Thanks in advance for sharing.

Hi chong, Item Tracking tables is used for Lot no/ Batch no Tracking. it is done during sales and purchase of an item if you want to have the automatic lot no or track the lot no/Batch no can be done in 65** tables.

what Bangli means is the item tracking tables are used when serial numbers are specified for any items anywhere in navision. the item tracking tables are present in item journals, sales lines, purchase lines etc. this feature can be enabled by specifying the item tracking code for an item. the item tracking code is used to specify the level of control of serial number for the item.