Table Keys

Hi, Is there any way to obtain defined keys over table through C/AL code ? Thanks for answers.

Hi You can get the current key set on the table by using the CURRENTKEY Function Defined on the record, One possible solution of getting all the keys defined on a table is via using C/FRONT, but i am not sure of it, Harikesh

If you using Attain 3.60 you can use the recordref and keyref variables. The recordref can return a keyref ( maybe a ordinary record variable can do the same, but I don’t know how. ) Then you can run through the keys, and subsequently run through the fields which are used in the selected key. It’s a lot of repeat until, but you can get alle the fields for all the keys. Otherwise I don’t think you can do it in C/AL code. Best regards Henrik

Harikesh: CURRENTKEY returns only currently set key. Henrik: Hmm, thanks for advice, but we still develop on 3.01B. Is there any way to do that in this version on Navision Attain ? (I think there isn’t).