Table key Issue when updating to SQL Server 2005

I’ve upgraded a company to Sql Server 2005 and to Nav 4.1 from 3.70 in one go. The database was fine for about five hours but then I got the following error: Message Start: The following Sql Server error(s) while accessing the Item Ledger Table: 208,“42S02”,[Microsoft][ODBC Sql server Driver[SQL Server]Invalid object name Database name.Company Ltd$32$0’. 8180,“42000”,",[Microsoft][ODBC Sql server Driver[SQL Server]Statements(s) could not be prepared. Message End: It occurs when I’m trying to access the item table and this tries to calculate the inventory flowfield using the Item Ledger entry. Running the Item Ledger Entry Table directly isn’t a problem If anybody can get back to me ASAP i would be very grateful P.S Tried importing the Item Ledger entry table again but still didn’t work

You might try dropping the MaintainSIFTIndex property, saving, then enabling it again. This would cause the SQL db to rebuild the SIFT tables for that key. Make sure to note which SIFT Levels are enabled before doing this. When you enable them again, only enable the appropriate ones.

It looks like there’s something wrong with your SIFT tables. I’m wondering how you did your upgrade. If you haven’t done so already, I’d consider creating a backup of your database, create a new database on SQL Server with the SP1 exacutables and restoring the backup into it. That way, all your tables will be created correctly, and all SIFT tables should be initialized properly.