Table Joins

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How to write a X++ code for nested Joins (using above format)

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Assuming the relations are via recId and refRecId. No clue what your actual relations are:

while select table1

join table2 where table2.refRecId == table1.RecId

join table3 where table3.refRefId == table1.RecId

join table4 where table4.refRecId == table3.RecId

join table5 where table5.refRecId == table1.RecId

join table6 where table6.refRecId == table5.RecId


info(“Do stuff here”);


Hai alex,

Actually I working in SSRS Report development.I given all relation via AOT Query.

In my report I can’t met one condition via AOT Query so that I am using X++ code to develop the Report.

Report condition is :

Display the customer by Highest date only(customer may came frequently).

In my report it display customer with all date .Here I want to know how to retrieve highest date data only.