Table isn't shown in the query prompt window, user can't specify a range for this table

I have created a AOT query, it uses 6 tables, but one table isn’t shown in the query prompt window (above ranges). Also when I add a field from this table as a range, user can’t fill the criteria field for it because the field not in the list. Even if you try to add a new line, the table isn’t shown in the dropdown.

The strange thing is that I filled the value for this range in the properties and it worked! I checked the generated SQL statement, also double-checked it in SQL management studio and it works correctly. The filter is working, also the join works (join also works even if you don’t specify anything in the range).

But I need to see the range in the prompt window. What could be the reason for this?

By the way, I’m working in AX 2012.

Just a guess, but what if you set fetch mode to 1:1?

It might help if you tell us more about your query.

I have tried that already, nothing has changed.

I guess there’s nothing special about this query. I have a relation between this ‘invisible’ table to the other table, I’m using a RecId field of the ‘invisible’ table and some foreign key field in the other one.

So the relation is: ‘Invisible’.RecId = ‘AnotherTable’.ForeignKey.

And I have a field ‘Invisible’.MainAccount in the range. Neither the ‘Invisible’ table or the range is shown in the query prompt window.

Sorry, if you don’t tell us enough to reproduce the issue, we can’t help you.