Table ID for User Info table?


Good day!

Some unknown person deleted the user in ax and I want to know who deleted that and time, usually if we have a table ID we can get the LOG from sysdatabase log table, but userinfo is a system table and I cannot find any Table ID for that, how can I get the logs?

Any idea? please help me.


Hi Mahesh,

I assume you can set the log to this table also as you can see the table inside “SYSTEM–>User Information”. I have tried it in the past it does not give any log when the information is updated. However, you can try this out if any luck with you.

Moreover, you can try setting up the property of the table “ModifideDateTime” & “ModifiedBy” to YES. Post setting up this property you could see these fields updated in the AOT to get the details of the “LAST” user and “LAST” date&time.