Table Id conflict between production and test environments

Dear All,

When we are restoring the data from the production environment to the Test environment, i am losing data in few tables because of table Id conflict between the Production and test environment.

Can you please help me to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Nagesha C V

i havent try this any time,

take the backup of test database

export data of sysdatadictionary table from production and import it in test,

synch the data dictionary


Deal All,

Thanks for your valuable reply.

sysdatadictionary is a System table how can import data in this table from Production company?

If I update the data from SQL is there any impact on the system?

no impact , you have to try from sql only , not from ax

Thanks for your replay.

please let me know the result if you find it useful or not

If you want to be able to simply restore the database, get IDs in sync. Note that you’ll still need quite a few changes in data, such as updating AOS ID in batches and changing the link to your report server.

Or you can import your data in a way that doesn’t depend on IDs, such us using Test Data Transfer Tool.