Table/Form Lookup question?

On the Sales Header form I have field Customer No. set = “5200”. When I do a lookup on Customer No. the Customer List form appears properly pointing to record customer no. “5200”. What controls this lookup to point to record customer no. “5200” vs the first or last record in the table? On other lookups the pointer is going to the first record in the table???

I think that if Navision handles the lookup (ie Using the Table Relation, or LookupTable), then it will go to the current Record. If the Lookup is done via code, then it will go to the current record in your recordset you are using for the lookup (or the first if you havent gotten any). Chris.

If you enter a value iun the table property TableRelation - Field it still does not point to the proper record unless it is the first part of the key. If you include a field and a filter then it works and points to the proper record on lookup.