Table filter in nav 2013

Hello Guys,

can we know table Filter in Pages Nav 2013 as we get in forms Nav R2 just by clicking table filter button (or ctrl+F7).

Yes, you can. Click the Help button and then click About this Page. Or, use the Ctrl+Alt+F1 key combination. On the About This Page form, open the Filters section.

Hope that helps.

Dear,i didn’t got the option "About this page " in help button and combination is also not working.

Do you know where to set WorkDate in NAV2013 RTC?

if yes, yopu will find Help option also under that…

no, i don’t know where to set Workdate in Nav 2013.

Please contact your senior for training on RTC

Here is the help link

thnx dear…i got it…:slight_smile:


it is in the client site not in development enviornment