Table does not exists (ASP ODBC)

Hi! I’m trying to connect an asp page to navision native database throug a c/odbc connection. What I’ve done is this. 1. Created a system dns. (dbNavision) 2. Created an asp page with this test code. Dim cn,rs Set cn = Server.CreateObject(“adodb.connection”) Set rs = Server.CreateObject(“adodb.recordset”) “dbNavision”,“usr”,“pwd” “Select * from prospect”,cn,3,3 The error description I get when I run this is: The table does not exist. I’ve tried to query other tables, which I do know exists. Does anybode now what might be wrong? Edited by - Andreas_Enternet on 2001 Nov 16 10:27:18

Dear Andreas, I’ve not found the table named as “prospect” in my Navision Attain database (v.3.01b w1). But, your code works well with any existing table, for instance “Customer”. Dim cn, rs Set cn = CreateObject(“adodb.connection”) Set rs = CreateObject(“adodb.recordset”) cn.Open “NASource”, “user”, “pass” rs.Open “Select * from Customer”, cn Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD +7(095)987-8080 Edited by - ypokusaev on 2001 Nov 15 21:13:21

Hi Yuri! Thank you for your answer. I’ve tested a couple of tables that I do now exist (I’ve verified it in object designer → tables. We have a couple of extra tables to support our own specific needs. We have made some adjustments to navision. I’ve also tried customer (kund in swedish) but with no result. I’ve also checked for permission problems. I’ve even tried using a super user account. Any ideas? Best regards Andreas Åsander, Clavister AB

Hi Andreas! Run MS-Query and select table Prospect. If this work, check out the SQL-expression. It Could be a caption problem. If Not, then have you some problem in you C/ODBC setup. Product Manager

Hi Per! Your message sure helped me lot. The problem was, as you said, the captation. Thanks! BR, Andreas Åsander Clavister

It’s great to hear that you can have what you want in the end. I’ve tried to connect to Navision Database thru ASP using ADO but failed miserably with error ‘Memory could not be read’. Can you share with us what’s your OS, IIS, C/ODBC version? Do you have RPC Server? Thanks in advance.

I’m using Navision Attain 3.01B. What version of Attain are you using? Are you using Local/Server Connection? TQ.