Table Data [Indirect] Delete Permission

I’m hoping someone can give me a very quick and simple answer to this one. The Navision on line help gives the following description of the “Indirect” permission.


Indirect: The permission is valid only when used with another object that you have permission for. For example, you cannot create G/L entries directly, but you can create them indirectly, using the posting function.

I have a situation with Master and Detail tables. In the delete trigger of the master table I have a delete for the releated records in the detail table. My hope was that by using the “Indirect” permission value on the Detail table I could delete the Detail records when the master was deleted, but stop direct deletion of the Detail records. However, using “Indirect” doesn’t seem to allow the delete in the trigger to work, I get a “you don’t have permissions error”, what does “Indirect” mean when used on the Delete permission?

When designing the Master table, look for the Permissions property. Give it permission to delete records in the Detail table and it should work properly.

Many Thanks, Just the Job.