table box filter and the record previously selected


we want to work with form named Sales list (id :8004056) ,the problem is that when i filter by Salesperson Code or by Sell-to Customer No ,it always brings with result filter a record previously selected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



take a look at the code in the OnOpenForm trigger on the Sales List form. At our company, we sometimes set filters by using the SETRANGE function. An example would be:


This would display lines that are not blocked

The other area you may want to take a look at is the SourceTableView property on the form and see if any filters are set there.


thank you for your response,as you said me ,it’s intersting the SourceTableView property , i expand research and i find this property :


Use this property to tell the system what record to display when the user opens this form.

To display…


A specific record Record
The first record in the table First
The last record in the table Last
The record being shown the last time the user displayed the form Saved (default)

i have changed value of saveTableview and saveControlsinfo to no although i filter the sales list it doesn’t remove the selected record.


So did changing the SourceTablePlacement property fix the issue you were having? I don’t beleiee this property does any filtering of the records

no, it’s doesn’t reslove the problem.Always i have in my filter list the record previously selected .


Is your Sales List connected to Sales Card? You may have filters set in the card that may apply the filters to the list. For example, if I set a filter on sales order (i.e. zip code) and then hit F5 to bring up the list, my filter is applied to the list as well