Table and Field Information

I’m looking for information on what fields are actually being used on reports and from what tables/fields they are drawing the information from. Is there a way to access this information as an end user? Thank you.

IF you have the Granule Report Design, then could you easy look at the Report design , to see the field name. But it could allso be some calculation in the report. The help for std. reports should give you a hint.

We don’t have the Reports granule. There is a Discounts column (or field) on the Customer Listing report and I wanted to know what information this item was supposed to have in it. We do have customers who have discounts, however nothing shows in this field. Do I need to have the Reports granule to find out what is supposed to show in this field or can someone tell me? I haven’t been able to find anyplace within Navision that tells me what is supposed to populate this field. Thank you.

Hi Kathy, if this report hasn’t been modified than the fields you are refering to are the fields “Invoice Disc. Code” and “Customer/Item Disc. Group”, directly taken from the customer card, page Invoicing (Navision 2.60). If you want to find out exactly what fields are being used and what calculations are being processed, than the only way I know is to get the Report Design Granule, as Per already mentioned. This granule isn’t too expensive, should be less than 1000 usd… Saludos Nils