Table 2000000022 refresh

I’m using the table 2000000022 to find files i want to move from a directory to another. After moving the files, if i try to use again table 2000000022 i find records that have been moved, so i get error when trying to move them again. Any idea ? PS : I tried CLEAR(T2000000022) and T2000000022.RESET, none worked.

look at another directory and then change to the first directory files.SETRANGE(Path,‘C:’); files.FIND(’-’); files.SETRANGE(Path,‘D:\Navitest’); files.SETRANGE(“Is a file”,TRUE); files.FIND(’-’); Regards Carsten Weege HUTH Elektronik Systeme GmbH

We’ve used a function with one of our customers to use the “File” system table as well. We have found that sometimes you will need to use a SELECTLATESTVERSION before accessing that table to be sure that you are getting the most up-to-date information from it. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Thanks a lot I’ll try it

After a long time, a fine solution from Carsten This solves my problems

Welcome back, Hans!!!