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I am new in nav 2009sp1 i need a small help i want to add a new field in purchase line table but it wont to be add

because i face a error i.e

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

The active fields in a record cannot take up more than 4000 bytes. The active fields in the Purchase Line table take up 4028 bytes.

You must reduce the number or the length of the active fields.


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What is your question?

You have reached max limit of your table. You can try shorting some fields which are not in use or not required to be longer.

This is maximum limit of table.

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Any alternate solution



No thats the system limitations.

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thanks for reply Any alternate solution

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This limitation has gone in Nav 2013 and it is almost doubled in 2013 version

As rightly said by Anil Time being you need to decrease the width of some fields as well as remove unwanted fields.

Or you can create new table with same Primary Key’s and get the new fields whenever you need…

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how to relation between old table and new table.

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Primary key fields…

Lets say

Sales Line

Sales Line 2 (new table) with Document Type,Document No.,Line No.

Add new fields ex: New field1,new field2

Whenever you need to show New field 1 and new field 2…

Get the record from Sales Line 2 table and show…

Hay man

reduce the text feilds sizes

i hope ur client will ask u for more text size even not necessary. reduce such feilds size. u will over come it