Tab from header section to first row


I read the post “How to Implement tab Order in Navision” and it was very useful. I would like to take this one step further and tab from my last control on the General tab to the first field in the sub form row. I tried to enter the sub forms ID in the NextControl property on the header but it didn’t seem to recognize it. I’m trying to set this up in the Purchasing module under Invoices. Any help would be appreciated.

Ctrl+arrow down takes you into the lines subform.

Yes, but I’m really hoping there is a way to do this similar to how the NextControl property works. I’m wondering if I have to put something more specific then just the control ID of the row field in the NextControl property. Perhaps something like a full path?

I’m not sure about what you exactly tried. I would bet that you put the subform control ID in NextControl property it will work. Not the form id, not the first control in the subform form. Just the control id of subform control in the header form

Ok, here is what I’ve been trying but still have not had any luck.

I’m in 5.1, I go to Purchase Invoice. On the forms General tab I can press the keyboard’s tab key and move from the No. field to Buy-from Vendor No. field and then to the next field and eventually it will cycle through all the forms tabs and then stop on the last control of the last form tab.

We added some more fields to the form so the tab order is out of order. I successfully changed the NextControl property on the Buy-from Vendor No. field so pressing the tab key will move the focus to the Amount Excl. Tax field. I did this by entering the Amount Excl. Tax field’s Property ID value of 1102613000 into the NextControl property field of the Buy-from Vendor No. control. It complied and works just fine. Previous to my changing of the NextControl property, I did notice that the Cntl+downarrow only worked if this control is the active control. Pressing the Cntl+downarrow key combination in any other field only acts as if the tab key was pressed.

Thinking I coud then have the tab keypress take the focus to the sub form’s Description property, which by the way is the sub form’s field that the old Cntl+downarrow keypress would take us to, I set the NextControl property of the Amount Exc. Tax field to the sub form’s Description field which has a property ID of 6 and is not the first column in the form. This didn’t work. The tab key would not leave the header form. I tried using the sub form’s ID property but that didn’t work either.

I’m getting all of this out of the designer by selecting the textbox control and looking at the properties. The ID I’m using is always the first property setting. Is this not the control ID you are telling me to use?

Wait, I think I have it now.

I went into Designer while in the header section. I clicked in the area where the sub form would normally be and an outline of the subform became visible. I looked in the properties and it has an ID of 54 so I went back into the Amount Excl. Tax field and placed this value in the NextControl property. Compiled and logged out completely. Now it works just great. Thank you for your help on this. My users will really appreciate it.