TAB Control

If I have a Tab Control in my form and have 5 pagesName(A,B,C,D,E). I want to hide pagesname C Only when I open the form. Is Navision Can handle it? I use it for security so a User only can see controls in Pagenames A,B,D,E. Regards, Arnoldus

Hi Arnoldus, I’m afraid this can’t be done. Pages in a Tab Control can’t be hidden/shown Runtime. A solution would be to create 2 identical forms; one with page C and one without - not very elegant, I know…

I found this in the W1W1adg.pdf on page 488.


Tab Controls If you create a tab control without setting the PageNames property, C/SIDE will use the names 0, 1, 2, and so on as names for pages containing visible controls. Pages that do not contain controls or that do not contain visible controls are not displayed.

Perhaps some playing with PageNamesML and the visible property of the controls on the page you are trying to hide might do the trick.