T-SQL and NAV 2013 SQL QUERY required

I am new to Nav and have been attempting to write some basic sql queries against the Cronus database. I am trying to get out a Contact List that shows the customer name but it is failing to return any rows properly. I have sql server 2012


“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.No_ AS No_,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.Name AS Name,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.“First Name” AS “First Name”,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.Surname AS Surname,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.Type AS Type,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.“Company No_” AS “Company No_”,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.“Company Name” AS “Company Name”,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Customer”.No_ AS Cust_No_,

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Customer”.Name AS Cust_Name


“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Customer” inner JOIN “CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact” ON

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact”.“Company No_” = “CRONUS UK Ltd_$Customer”.No_

Can someone help with this as its driving me mad.

Also is there any help out there with the underlying schema (tools, articles etc?)

Is the any sites that will show examples of sql scripts that people have written and shared for NAV?


Your join should go through a third table.

“CRONUS UK Ltd_$Contact Business Relation”

This table links the contacts and the customers with each other as the Customer to Contact relationship is a one to many relationship.

Is there any specific reason why you are targeting the NAV database with SQL queries?