>t Date filter on tabing out displaying weirdly

hi all,

when the user assigns table filter to the date field as >t and tab out they find that >t is not displaying
as >(current date)

for eg:

For March 3 2011

t is not diaplying as >03/03/2011

Kindly suggest on this issue.

Apparently it’s interpreting the 't’as the first letter of the first week day starting with a T, which in ENU is Tuesday.

The behaviour is just as is as JedrzejT informs you on your mibuso post.

I there any way to fix the issue or any alternative. the user wants correct value to be displayed when he tabs out after enterin >t

That is how NAV works when you filter. If you use T by itself you will get the current date, but if you use any other sort of filtering, like > or < it will interpret it as the day of the week. The user would have to enter the date manually.

Lucky for the user that it correctly displays the day of the week then. It seems that your user does not understand what is ‘correct’. Wanting something to be different doesn’t make it ‘correct’.

By the way, which version and where you are trying to do (Table or Form or report and field)?