SysTestListenerTRX output file is not recognized by Visual Studio

I am trying to create a listener in AX 2012 R3 for unit test framework based on the blog…/generic-unit-tests-for-dynamics-ax-in.html. While testing the listener as standalone component, it outputs a .trx that I can open in Notepad but not in Visual Studio. I tried to open it in VS 2013 ana 2015 but it errors out as below


As the trx file doesn’t load up in VS, the generic test project cannot display the test results. Did any one experience issues with 2012 version of the listener. Any inputs on where to look to start figuring out the issue. Thank you

What’s the content of your file? Maybe it’s corrupt.
Or maybe it’s indeed caused by he fact that the listener was written for Visual Studio 2010, not 2013 or 2015. I don’t know whether the format has changed; I would have to consult documentation.

Thank you, Martin, for the response.

The file contains the test results, I did a quick check of the XML syntax and tags of the .trx file, couldn’t really pinpoint any formatting issues. Couldn’t attach the file here due the website not accepting .trx file , if we convert into XML it loads fine in VS.

Some more information on the project. We have Ax 2012 and 2009 versions of the project running in parallel. While the output of the listener from 2009 works fine in VS 2015 and results are displayed in VSO as well.

If you have one .trx file that works and one that doesn’t, finding the problem by comparing them should be relatively easy.

The solution for this issue was to do with name of the test listener. If you change the name of the listener from anything other than SysTestListenerTRX it may not work as expected.