Systems performance

I am considering using Navision to run a distribution company. We process about 2000 orders and 20,000 line items at peak times. Does anyone see a problem with this volume?

Hello dr195 ! I don’t think you need to care about the volume, the only thing is how much you can afford for power (I mean CPU, HDD, RAM ?) The ASU is a (estimated) guy who creates and invoices 50 sales order lines per hour with acceptable response times. A benchmark with 3600 ASU (190273 order lines pr. Hour) occured with a Database (Compaq AlphaServer GS160, 16* CPUs 800 MHz, 18 GB RAM, 64* 15000 RPM disks) and 20 AOS (Compaq ProLiant DL 360, 2* Intel Pentium III, 1000 MHz processors, 1.5 GB RAM, 2* 15000 RPM disks for OS) Regards.