SystemDateGet() or Today()?

Within Axapta there are two separate date functions that appear to similar: SystemDateGet() and Today(). It appears that the Today() function gets the date from the local machine (the machine where the calling object is running, either the client machine or the AOS). It appears that the SystemDateGet() function acquires and internal date to Axapta (not directly from any given machine). Is there any information that indicates the real differences between these functions? More importantly, does anyone have any information about when one function should be used over the other? If my assumptions are correct, any financial/accounting transaction should always use the SystemDateGet() function. This would insure that all transaction occur according to the Axapta system date as opposed to a machine date that could have been inadvertently changed. However, I’d prefer to develop code based on accurate information and not assumptions. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Christian Fordham Applications Development Manager ETS, Inc.

I don’t know if i’m right… but it looks like on navision. On Navision you’ve two different functions for returning the date: TODAY and WORKDATE. TODAY is getting the date from the system (from the local machine) the client is running on. WORKDATE is getting the date from a value that you can setup when you’re working on your client program. The why it’s because sometimes let’s say you’re not having time for posting all the transactions on a certain day and you need to post them on the following date but using the previous day date… Or let’s say you’re having some things you’re still having to post from last year… As i told before i’m not sure if Axapta is working on a similar way… but it looks for what you say that it’s. Regards,

Christian Fordham, you absolutely rule - nearly always use SystemDateGet()