System Speed for Nav 2.60

Is there any way to increase the speed of application? I have 15 users and when MRP or production orders are being run the system is brought to it’s knees? I have increased the cache on the server to above what is recommended for the amount of users and db size.

How long is your MRP running? How many items do you have? How many components in the tipical BOM? What hardware do you have? - Nmb of Hard drives - Cache sise What is Database size? Do you have commitcache “ON”. What Server do you use (Navision or SQL)?

MRP is running for roughly 20-25 minutes. 2000+ items 30 items roughly in each BOM 1 20gb HDD Database size is 3.14GB divided between 2 files Commit cache is 500000 kb Using Navision server

You need a lot more disk in You system. Split the database over at least three separate physical disks (mirrored in RAID-1). /Lars

I am using the 2gb rule of thumb. I just noticed that my commit cache is unchecked? Is there a way that I can check it? It won’t allow me to just check it off so there must be another location that turns it on?

Yes. Try keeping Your database files at 2Gb. But when You need to create a new file because of growth, You should allways create that file on a new pair of disks. Otherwise You won’t get any performance boost. The commit cache is set up on the server. You can’t change that from a client. You can change the value for the commit cache in the registry or by uninstalling the server service and installing it again with new parameters. Look in the System management manual for details. //Lars

Hi, You have to check Commit Cache. This should increase speed 5-10 times. On your server run REGEDIT and open: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services"Server Name"\ConmitCache and enter 1 instead of 0. After this restart Navision Service or Server. Also you can have up to 8 HD. It should increase additional 5-8 times. I heard that it does not improve after 8 HD but never checked it.

It improves also after the first eight disks, but not by a factor 1 to 1. /Lars

Thank you for your replies. Turning the committ cache on seemed to help