System slowing down

Dear all,

Please help me in the below,

We have a client for whom we are using the following

a) All modules in Navision 5.0

B) Lot & SN tracking

Due to aboev we have more enteries in Item Ledger Table and the system is very slow.

Please suggest some solution (Per day 100000 ENtries getting added to Item Ledger Table)



Dear Narayan,

You ask a very very broad question, that noone will be able to answer correctly without futher information.

  1. Is your version NAV 5.0 or NAV 5.0 SP1?
  2. Are you using the native or SQL Server database?
  3. When is the system slow? When posting or when looking up information, and do you only feel the bad performance in the Item Ledger Entry table?
  4. How many concurrent users? How big is your database today? And how big is the Item Ledger Entry table today?

These are just a basic of the questions I would ask. But I’m not really a performance expert (but have been part of a few optimizations projects on the end-user side), they will properly need to ask more questions.

Also on the cost side then I can tell you that we in my previous company used approx. 25% of our total ongoing development costs on doing performance tuning of the application.

As a starter have you identified the largest tables in the database and used Table optimisation (File, Database, Information, Tables, Optimise) from the Drop Down menu?

This will help but follow Erik’s advice and share some more information about your system configuration.

Dear Erick, We are using NAV 5.0 IN SQL Server Database and System is slow when posting the entries in Warehouse module using item tracking Regards Narayan

Ok, but what about this question: