system slow

HI, everyone:

I meet a question I don’t know how to do, my customer use navision database 3.7 on SQL, we did a lot of customization on purchase post like receipt and invoice, also on G/L post, and item post, meanwhile, they have a big business that mean they have more record to deal with, and more concurrent user about 50 users generally,now system is more and more slowly, when user press post, system will hung up for a long time, then show posting window, could there someone give me a guide how to search code, or good method help me where to improve code customs.

their hardware is 4*2 G hz CPU, 8G RAM, and big hard disk, so i don’t think it is a hardware question.

Look at your use of sumindexes/flowfields. Disabling the maintenance of selected SumIndexes (in particular on hot tables) can improve performance. Also look at your overall use of indexes. The “performance troubleshooting guide” and the “Sql Resource Kit” both contain useful tips and tools.

Don’t overlook your hardware and associated build. The information you provide about the hardware sound great, but it is not enough to conclude that it is not contributing to the issue. You can buy the best and fastest hardware available, but it can still cause issues if not configured properly.

I generally find that performance issues are the result of several factors and rarely caused by a single isolate issue.

If you are an enduser experiencing this problems you realy should have an expert looking at it rather that going to try to tune it yourself.

If you are experiencing performance issues on SQL it can have some many different reasons, you realy don’t want to find out via trial and error.

If you have specific questions about a piece of code or a hardware cofiguration, post it, and we’ll have a look at it.

What database are working with C/SIDE or SQL?

First (cheapest) place to look are the application configuration parameters.

With Inventory is Automatic G/L Integration switched on?

With Inventory are Expected Costs posted?

With G/L are Ana;lysis Views updated automatically?

All of these jobs can run in ‘batch mode’ every day/week/month but only when there is a low-level of system utilisation, at night or first job every day.

Second place to look is at the modifiactions; you need to find out if they have an impact on perfroamnce. Do you have a test system ehere you can check the time required to process with or withour the modifications?

Third place to look is hardware and configuration - I support the recommendation in the previous posts.

The hardware config does look pretty good, but don’t rule out regular SQL maintenance. Don’t forget to look at your network infrastructure as well. Many a problem with posting can be caused by running on 10 megabit links or on non-switched hubs. I have seen this first hand. We have some 10 megabit links for our printers, and a client machine that does posting was plugged in to one of these, and it would cause severe performance problems for everyone. Also don’t forget to take a quick look at the machines themselves doing the posting. I’ve seen this problem as well, as a user that did a lot of posting had a machine that was and older, slower machine. Replacing it with a faster one and giving the slower one to someone who didn’t do intensive operations cleared the problem up.

Nobody has mentioned multiple discs or a switch I found recently that gives the server preference for Applications rather than background. That last one made a huge difference.

There’s a lot of good advice here.

Also note that the from 4.01> there some new features to better use the SQL engine and try to avoid excessive cursors on the SQL Database engine. These become available with the client not the database version.

Try turning on client monitor and look for durations that are greater tan 1000 ms. This can really point you to problem areas in the code. SQL uses keys differently so you may need to change a key. Also the advice to turn off maintenance on some sift keys is great advice. In this case look at the value entry table. You can probably turn off maintenacne of many keys in this table and it will make a considerable difference when you post.