System requirement for AX 2012 R2 VM Installation in Laptop

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I’m a beginner in AX. I have to install AX 2012 R2 VM in Laptop. Can anyone please tell me the minimum system requirement for it?

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Which Dynamics AX components are you going to install there?

By the way, general requirements are documented in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 System Requirements.

I’m going to install AX 2012 R2 Demo Vitrual Machine in Laptop.

Oh, that’s a completely different topic. You won’t install AX at all in this case, it’s already installed in the virtual machine.

System requirements are described in the Technical Guide. You’ll need OS supporting Hyper-V, enough RAM (Microsoft recommends 32 GB and I wouldn’t try if with anything less than 16 GB) and so on.