System objects accessed from CAL

I am writing an inhouse project management / version control system, to manage Navision development projects. There are a number of things that I would like to be able to do from CAL code: - change the version of an object(Table, Form…) - allow the user to browse the list of objects in the database (all Tables, Forms,…) - export/import Navision Objects to FOB files. I am fairly new to Navision, so please let me know if I am expecting too much, or I am not looking in the right place, because I couldn’t find any way to accomplish these tasks. Thanks, Carmen

Hi Carmen and welcome to the Navision world. The two first things You can do by using the table 2000000001 (Object), but exporting/importing fob’s You cant do in code. The only way to do that is from the File menu. If You browse this forum for a while You will find similar threads where these issues have been discussed. Good luck! //Lars

Hi Carmen, I know from my many years of Navision experience that most new commers to the product start the same way. That is, rather than concentrating on what Navision can do, they concentrate on what {insert product name here} can do that Navision can not. Rather than spending your time now fighting with Navision, use the tools that you have at hand, and concentrate more on how CU 80 works, or following postings through on CU 22. On a typical Navision project, about 5%-15% of the project will be programming, so don’t spend all your time getting that 5% better (5% of 15% might save you 0.75% on the project). As a programmer in Navision the most important tool you can have, is knowledge not of how to program, but how to solve a customers need witha solution. Here is one Tool that I wrote in the early days, to help me maintain Navision Objects. I used to offer it as shareware, for $250, but no one ever paid, :frowning: so… here it is. David Singleton Object Tracking Tool This version was for W1 1.30, the FOB file is in 2.60 format. The Text version should work in just about any version of Navision. Form 97002 is the one that you run it from. It should be pretty self evident how it works. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@home.com___________