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I was attending SAP Business Forum a while ago and during system presentation, there is one granule that’s really attracted me and I imagined for having it in Navision. I think they get the concept from Microsoft Outlook and do some customizations to integrate the function into the system. In the system, they have a menu contains Inbox, Outlook, Sent Item, Calendar and etc. The idea is basically sending a message and notification to their Supervisor/Manager for Order that is blocked by the system. The granule is also valid for any kind of transactions that is requires authorized person for approval (such as Price Approval and Credit Approval); of course, they have a setting to define what transactions that are need to be a part of the validation. Once the transaction is blocked, the system will send an instant message that is popup right away in Manager’s computer asking for an approval and at the same time, system will create automatically 1 inbox for the Manager and 1 sent item for the sender. After Manager making the approval, the system will automatically send an instant message back to the sender to inform the transaction is approved and at the same time, system will automatically create 1 sent item for the Manager and 1 inbox for the sender. I think this granule is very cool and convenient; especially for us that have so many things required an approval. Does anybody experience or even having this modification? Or probably know whether there is add-on granule available? We are currently under version US 3.60.A. I am highly appreciating for any response or info. Zen


I was attending SAP Business Forum a while ago and during system presentation, there is one granule that’s really attracted me and I imagined for having it in Navision.
Originally posted by Zen Bodhi - 2005 Nov 04 : 23:42:46

I apologize for not really answering your question but I have to make a small comment. We should not hold our breaths waiting for Microsoft to come out with such a granule for any of it’s Business Solutions or Dynamics applications. The difference is that SAP is not selling E-Mail clients, of course. The most we can expect from Microsoft is better and tighter integration with Outlook. And I also don’t believe Microsoft would be very happy if one of their partners would develop something which pretty much competes with Outlook instead of just selling Outlook in the first place. I’m not criticizing them for that, it’s actually pretty logical. So, maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t expect there to be an Add-On like that from a Partner. But let’s wait and see what comes up.

I think we will see this with integration with CRM. Which is on the way.

We use JMail to send messages from Navision to inform people. That message is then delivered in their Outlook InBox.

For me, the interesting point in Zen’s comment is rather the Workflow for Approval that would be a desired feature for Navision. I have seen this in Oracle’s Financial Suite aswell and it’s really useful, especially for larger organizations with defined approval schema. Also a couple of customers have mentioned this kind of electronic approval, especially for Purchases. Maybe the Notifications feature for Navision 4.00 can be modified to handle this kind of approval, but you will also need customization within Navision itself… From other posts here I understand that the version for India does have some kind of Approval Management… Saludos Nils