System is considering the Default Order settings only

Hi All,

Even I entered the Site Specific Orde settings still system is taking the Default order settings at the time of creating the Purchase order?
Could i know what is the problem?

Tell us what you have actually set and processed.

My guess is that you have not set these correctly or processed to avoid them.

This functionality works.

I Entered the Standard Qty = 35 in the Default order setting s. When it comes Site specific settings I entered the Standard Qty = 45 (I place check mark over ride) In the Purchse order tab. Now when I create the Purchase order and select the item code system automatically updating the Qty = 35 , after that even I selected the Site and ware house also showing the = 35 only.

What is the mistake from my setup ?

Works fine for me.

So what is the site and warehouse in the order header? It is at the entry that it references the order header settings, so I guess yours are blank?