System installation checklist

Hi, We have been getting pretty lousy performance in some cases, and while looking for possible causes, we have noticed that only two of the eleven items, only the first two have been checked off. The guys we outsourced our installation to claim that this is because when a service pack is installed to the system, this checklist gets reset but that it is not necessary to run through it again. Is this true? And if not, would any of these steps affect the performance of our installation (for example the Synchronize step). thanks.

Hi, It is not necessary to run all the steps but at the same time desirable. Synchronization you yourself can perform any day/time, when your users are not logged on to the system. The lousy performance can be because of the lousy coding, lousy networking, remote connections being slow etc. Please write the details of your installation and what functionalities are performing poorly. Regards, Anuj

Thanks, my main question, though, is still whether the installation[/] checklist is reset after an [i]upgrade. ie. if there are items on the install checklist that are not completed, but the upgrade checklist is completed, is this ok?

Hi, After a quick check on my local customer and demo installations (3.0 sp1, 3.0 sp2) I find that all topics on the installation-checklist is reset, exept compilation and license. On the upgrade-checklist all topics should be checked, if there are upgrade topics that are not completed, well then you could get problem. /Peter

Thanks Peter, thats exactly the answer I was looking for [:)].