SYstem Hang at the time of salesorder

Hai All,

I was Create new methods those new methods calling in updatenow methods in salesformletter_ confirmation ,invovice()

( new methods also create in salesformletter_ confirmation ,invovice())

when i m create salesorder and posting The confirmation and packingslip System hang ( IN DEMO COMPANY )


What’s problema system problema or coding problema ? any one give reply please

it might be problem of data of the company…

check the data called by the methods i n both companies… DEMO company may having large amount of data. so is taking long time to process or hanging…

I would suggest you get guidance inside your business and have some internal help. Posting chunks of code in this forum continually asking why what you do hangs the system will eventually exhaust the kindness and patience of the people give time freely to assist users on this forum.

thank you