System Grinds to Halt when Posting Sals/Purchase Invoices

We are still using v1.3 running on an nt 4.0 Server and 128mb, and from day 1 have found that particularly when Posting Sales Invoices and to a lesser xtent whn posting purchas Invoices , the systm comes to a virtual halt. We hav lived with this problem by posting when most Users ar off the system . But this is no longr Practical. If any one has any suggestions , we would be very greatfull.

Have your posting routines been modified? Look at the Navision window bottom area for: 1. “Searching the xxxxx table” 2. “The xxxxx table is locked by (username)”

Hi Mike Has your system been modified in the Sales Area?? If you get the Searching for xxxxxx table! It will be down to a bad use of Keys when filtering Record Sets or Calculating Flowfields! Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: