System Generated Batches


I am facing the issue while deleting the system generated batches. My user created new item and and he didnt select the batch, the item took system generated batch and the user already post the transaction now i want to remove that batch from system. Need assistance in order to remove those batches from system. The batches are appearing in Onhand report, but when i am checking in batch master, those are not available there.

Any idear…?


Hi Ally,

Compile all the Batch tables for eg: batchJob.

It looks like the batch job which you have removed not been deleted from some batch table.

Have a look to the batch tables and batch form and classes and compile them all, it will refresh the batch data.

Then run the Full CIL, sync the database.

Thanks & Regards

Pranav Gupta

Thanx Pranav…:slight_smile: