System creates duplicate users when they log into AX2012 R3. Same Alias but slightly different UserID

Hello all,

its good to be here. I am a Business Conultant for Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Today my customer stumbles over an interesting “Bug” I ve never seen before. After the creation of a user in System administration > Common > Users > User , the user logged in and another user with the same Alias has been created by the system only the UserID looks slightly different (instead of the last number of the user ID the systems throws the letter D). So right now we have several user in the system with the same Alias but a different User ID in the system. Any ideas why AX creates these"duplicate" users ? Search function didnt show up anything.

Do you say that when logging in, the system somehow ignores the account you’ve created and creates another new one, keeping the manually created one intact? What if there isn’t any account for the user? Does it still get created?

Normally AX doesn’t create any users for you. If it can’t find the account, the user isn’t allowed to log in. The only exception (that I’m aware of) is if there is an AX user for an AD user group and the user is a member of this group. But then you would get a completely generated ID.

How do your use IDs look like? You mention “the last number”…