System Backup recovery

Our client uses a number of server including one for Navision. They have a backup routine that takes a snap shot of all the files that they are backing up. We have a need to look at some data from last week. We copied the database from the tape backup into another direcotry, and are trying to open it. However, when we try to open it, we get an error that says the file is in use. We are the only one trying to access this database. Could this be due to the fact that someone did not log out last week, and the database thinks that it is still in use from a user that did not log out? Does any one have a work around? We have tried to adjust the properties for the file, zip and unzip, everything we can think of to break the connection that the file thinks is there.

That can happen if the .fdb database file was copied while the Navision Database Server program was accessing it. If your client wants to backup the .fdb “as is”, they have to stop the Service, copy the file and restart the Service. Or you could look into HotCopy, a free Navision-supplied utility that can properly copy the .fdb while the Server is still using it. But I think the best way is to make a .fbk Backup File of the database as the size will be much smaller. You can either use a macro utility for windows where you simulate the keyboard and mouse actions of a user logging in and running a backup or you can use the specialized but payed-for utilities from ExpandIT: