SysDataImport class not getting hit to study the import procedure

hi all,

I want to research upon how the import actually happens using/by the SysdataImport class. my main area of concern is how different datafield type data is handled during important, especially utcdatetime, enum etc.

I could see con2Record method in Sysdataimport class in DAX but when i am actually doing the import, the method is not getting hit up by the Debugger. i am importing the table using the .dat file.

Can anyone please help me achieve this? please reply ASAP. Thanks in anticipation.

to test this import procedure i have created a sample Table with all the datatypes provided by DAX and then created a line of record. now i have exported that table and then importing it. My idea to ceate this new table was to avoid any deletion to the other OOB tables since i am working on a project instance.