SysDatabaseLogDP, query and SysDatabaseLog Report Modification

I am looking at extending this class. What my users want is to get a daily report of any modifications made to the product related tables only. For security reasons, when the report is printed, I don’t want any dynamic parameters shown to the users.

Now, I know I can start at the top and create a brand new query with the appropriate range on it, brand new report, data provider, etc., but is there a smarter way that I am missing to do this using the current sysdatabaselogreport and sysdatabaselogdp?

Thanks for the help.


If you have enabled database logging, you can execute the changes log report, filter the report by the pretended tables and then distribute the report periodically by e-mail.

That way, you can the result without any development.

Thanks for the reply. That would work, except I also need to filter by Today() on the field CreatedDate(). I could schedule that job to print daily, but I think I would need to extend the Fetch class to add my date criteria. But that should work.

Thanks for the suggestion, I guess I was trying to over complicate things.

There are many ways how to achieve the requirement, nevertheless if your only problem is the filter of current date, you’re almost done. Just set the range value to (currentDate()).