Syntax question

I have not been able to completely figure out a line of code in the Bin Replenishment Report of AD 2.50. RepBinContents.SETFILTER(Repbincontents.Ranking,’<%1’,"Bin Location Contents.Ranking); I know the <%1 substitutes a variable but I don’t understand which variable would be substituted when I run the report. The documentation in the Designers Guide states that %1 is replaced by variable V1 but that does not tell me much. I think this report is coded incorrectly but I want to make sure that I understand the %1 issue. The report I run has 4 request filter fields and a second request form page with a check box to create a warehouse document. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. David Rochford Zesco Products

Appart from some missing quotes at the en, the code looks correct. → RepBinContens.SETFILTER(RepBinContents.Rankin,’<%1’,“Bin Location Contents”.Rankin); The %1 will be replaced by the value of “Bin Location Contents”.Ranking. Martin Pennings Sittard Netherlands

or to make it even simpler: If “Bin Location Contents”.Rankin contains the value ‘1234’ the statement … RepBinContens.SETFILTER(RepBinContents.Rankin,’<%1’,“Bin Location Contents”.Rankin); … is similar to … RepBinContens.SETFILTER(RepBinContents.Rankin,’<1234’); Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872