Syncronization across Internet

Hello, We are currently running Navision Attain. We are opening a branch office and will be installing a Navision server there. What is the best way to Sync the two servers so that all current data is available at either location?

THe best way is to not replicate the database and have two copies, but to give the new office remote access to the database, with Citrix or something like that.

I agree with Daniel, but if you had to do it for some reason, then check out Landsteinar’s Data Replicator: There’s a lot of setup to define which tables flow which way, but you could do it. Scarry. Think of all the duplicate No. Series you’d have to create! Overall, I think it would be cheaper to pay for the bandwidth to have your clients connect to a central DB! -john

Thanks for the info. We have good bandwidth at both locations but the reliability of the connection at the home-office is not so good and leaving the new office without a connection to the database for any length of time is not an option. The new office’s data is actually a second company that already exists in the current Navision database. I’m now thinking that I will install a copy of the current data on a new server in the new office and removing the permissions to connect to non-local data from the clients and using term services to connect to non local data. Any other ideas?