Synchronizing 'user defined field' in Outlook, to NAV 2009?


Customer has a list of ‘fixed additional information’ (seperate table related to ‘To-do’) in NAV that they would like to have synchronized with Outlook when creating Tasks and Appointments.

Problem / Challenge:

  1. I have created a new field in Outlook and added this as a seperate Region on Task and Appointment pages in Outlook.
  2. Have configured the relations in NAV under ‘Integration with Microsoft Outlook’
  3. Can select value when creating ‘To-do’ in NAV and have it syncronized correctly to Outlook


when creating a Task or Appointment in Outlook and synchronize with NAV, the value doesn’t show [:(] The ‘To-do’ is listed in NAV but without this specific value. If I afterwards update the Task / Appointment and sync ones more, the value turns up … So the problem is when synchronizing any Task / Appoinment (created in Outlook) the first time.

Any idea’s as to where I could be lacking a configuration?

Thanks for any ideas, hint or hopefully solution [:)]

/ Ronny