Synchronize login


does any of you has the similar problem with me?

we always have a synchronize user problem all the time…

I have a test navision DB which use for training and testing…

when we insert a new user, sometime it goes ok…but sometime we need to delete and insert and syn for several time…

any idea why this happen? how do I solve this problem…

the vendpr suggest that we need to upgrade to ver 5…currently we are in ver 4 sp2

fyi - we also have several extra modules which nothing to with financial within navision.




Navision security synchronization can be a nightmare.

You don’t need to update to NAV 5.0 to improve synchronization. If you make a technical upgrade (only Navision clients not server objects) to NAV 4.0 SP3 you an switch do standard security option. This security option will solve most of your problems.

Hi Susan,

You should read this document:

Security Synchronization in Navision 4.0 SP3

Hi Susan, if you are dealing with Ms sql i resolve by setting in the advanced option of database a Simple security model (from nav database modify advanced option).

in case you have many users “advanced security” is better but you have to sincronize people when they are out of the system

Best regards

how do I get the SP3?

Do I need to update all nav client?

IS the vendor giving us?

why the vendor doesn’t recommend us on this but asking us to move to ver 5.?

to be honest that I am not convinced that ver 5 will solve the Syn prob. I am just afraid that we will be their guinea pig for new ver 5. [:(]


Hi Erik,

I download the document however the info on the doc is for SP2 even though the file name is SP3

is this correct?



Even you buy a Navision version you all the rights to all upgrade during a year. You can extend it by buying annual maintenance. You probably have the right to upgrade to 4.0 SP3.

Upgrading client can be simply has installing a new version in all workstations. You shouldn’t have any problems but I recommend doing first in a test environment to check if you have any problems.

Navision 4.0 SP3 has a new synchronisation method that doesn’t need to go all tables and applying security. This method allows you to synchronize security in seconds even if you have hundreds of users.

Thank Nuno.

I will ask my vendor to provide me with Ver 4 SP3.

btw - any tip when we test it in Test DB - what kind of testing plan I should test to make sure that it is ok.

with the current SP2 when we synchronize user - sometime it will block all user.

however if we will test SP3 in test, I don’t think I can see whether the synchronization will block or noty because no user or even only 1 or 2 user

how do you test it?

sorry too much questions [:)]



IIt’s easy to detect

When you use Standard security model and synchronize it is almost instantaneous. When you use Enhanced security model it can take a few minutes. Enhanced security model will apply permissions directly in SQL tables leading to blocking users and that is the reason it takes so long to synchronize. Enhanced security is the one only avaiable in NAV 4.0 SP2

thanks Nuno.

any tip for the process to upgrade to SP3?

I have read the doc which Erik mentioned but it didn’t really tell us how


Make a backup with Navision 4.0 SP2 and recover with Navision 4.0 SP3 in test server.

are you talking about making a backup within navision (Tools - backup ) or sql backup?

You can use both.