Synchronize issue


  1. Install Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

  2. Microsoft Dynamics Service Pack 1

  3. installed the GLS layer for Poland (the same page with SP1, but the link is a little bit lower)

  4. SP1 RU7

after this my synchronize Data base its shows

I had 10 dimensions on INVENTSUMDATEFINANCIALDIM_RU table

Cannot execute a data definition language command on ().

The SQL database has issued an error.

Object Server 08: The database reported (session 3 (Admin)): [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]The index ‘I_9557DIMIDX’ on table

‘INVENTSUMDATEFINANCIALDIM_RU’ has 17 column names in index key list. The maximum limit for index


Has anyone come across such message before? How to resolve this?

SQL Server simply doesn’t support more than 16 fields in a single index. You have to avoid that by redesigning your solution.

Its came with RU7 application how can i redesign with this


It is strange that MS would ship such a table knowing very well 16 column limitation.

Either you can remove a column or better, report this incident to MS.

I removed one field

but i am synchronizing the data base but same error is coming

I don’t believe it’s broken in the standard application (although I can’t verify it), more likely you have some additional fields there. Does “I had 10 dimensions” mean that you have some code in higher layers? If yes, you should upgrade your code at first. If not, look to the table’s metadata to understand where all those fields came from.

By the way, can’t you just disable the Russian functionality? I expect that INVENTSUMDATEFINANCIALDIM_RU is Russian but you mentioned Poland only.

yeah its Russian

I am doing the upgrade project from AX 4.0 to Ax 2009

based on this link

I am doing the Upgrade
Actually for upgrade
1.take the application files and data base
2. install Ax 2009 with sp1
and paste the application files to AX 2009 Instance
after that i started the AOS(

but this one for Poland That’s y i taken the Based on the link

Can you please guide me based on that link i done see this one


  1. Go to InventSumDateFinancialDim_RU in AOT
  2. Review if you really need it. If not, disable corresponding configuration key.
  3. If you need it, go to DimIdx index.
  4. Review fields in the index. The best solution is - again - to disable configuration key for one or more fields.