Synchronize form opened from menu item

From the Contact Card I need to be able to open up the Sales Order form showing the first order for the contact. I have created a new menu item on the “Contact” button (at the bottom of the form) to open the Sales Order form using the RunObject Action. How do I open the Sale Order form filtered to show only this Contact’s orders?

Same as Sales Quote on the Contact button. You can show the sales order form and can use the same filters you have for Sales Quote.

Therein lies my problem! I don’t understand/can’t find where in the filters for the Sales Quote are setupso that when it is called it only show’s the Contact’s Quotes.

Command Button->Properties PushAction:Run Object RunObject:The Form You Want RunFormView Or Link (Depending): You Can Set A filter

Menu buttons have properties associated with them? Why doesn’t someone tell me these things! Thanks!

HI there. I Need some help here. I need to run the Posted Sales Invoices Form from the Contact Screen.I need to filter the form, on Sales Inv. belonging to the same Cust. that the contact is related to. First, I get the Customer No. from the Contact Business Relation, and I run the form by setting the correct filters. This is all done through code, not throught the standard Navision runobject feature. It all works fine however, when I minimize the Posted Sales Inv. form, and I change the contact no. the Posted Sales Inv. form is not getting updated. Note: I am not closing the Posted Sales Inv. Form. It is still open. I understand that I am not using the runobject functionality,However do I get the Posted Sales inv. Form to update through code.

You can use CurrForm.Update(False) On the “Form - OnActivateForm()” So next time, when you activate the form (reopen the form from the minimize state) this will be updated. Naveen Jain

Thanks but that did not work. Any other suggestions ? Armela

Hi, Armela I do not think that functionality that you want can be achieved in the manner that you describe. Once the form has been opened it’s link from where it was called cannot be determined. Thus, the form that you have opened does not run in parallel from where it was called it runs in an entirely seperate thread. (I hope I made sense) The only option (using your method) would be to close the Posted Sales Inv. form before changing contacts and then reopenening the form. Why not have a new tab on the Contact card with a subform on it. The subform could list all the Posted Sales Inv. for that specific Contact. You could also have a button on your subform to open the selected Posted Sales Inv. in a card form.

Hi, Armela On menu item delete C/AL code and set permissions: RunObject: Form Sales Order RunFormLink: Sell-to Contact No.=FIELD(No.) RunFormLinkType: OnUpdate